My Day Dreams About You

As far as the east is from the west, when I wake up, am always day dreaming of you, I see you and me hand in glove; walking under the intimate cashew nuts along the grassy needle-like reeds of the steamy beach. In my day dreams whilst performing my daily routine, I see your sweet body glued to mine in our romantic fragrant sweet bed of pure red roses.
For you fit into me and I into you like a symmetrical object. Your two twin breasts are directly proportionate to my chest whenever I hold you in a tight embrace. You and I are compatible, and a definite perfect match from heaven - for you're the princess of my sweet loyal heart that loves you passionately and pursues your sweet love for me relentlessly.
My day dreams about you involves loving you deeply whilst imaginatively swimming deep in a sea of endless thoughts about the golden beauty you behold. Honey; if time would allow, I would devout one thousand years to adore your breasts, and two thousand years to the curvy beauty of your well endowed hourglass figure because I love you sincerely and affectionately.

By Bishop Love

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