My Sweet Dreams About You

Under the whispering coconut towers before the growling, and foaming waves of the cold misty night, I saw my beloved princess in my sweet dreams swinging her curvaceous hourglass figure. She majestically strolled towards me whilst swinging her voluptuous curvy hips rhythmically in a manner that drove my heart bits to her sweet surrender.
Like one in a love drunken stupor, she took my hand and led me under the romantic cashew nuts  and sweet brown berries, she jumped and plucked the nuts for me to suck; she sung in a sweet melodious voice, smiled and pressed closer while gazing at me with love ladened eyes.
I gazed: her hair was pure natural blonde hair, her eyes, a pair of bluish been seed floating in pure undiluted milk, her dress code - the decency of romance that befits a real woman. Her throat uttered fresh banana juice matching her smooth and tender face, her smile and enthusiastic temperament is the hallmark of joy that enlightens my sweet soul.

By Bishop Love

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