When I Think of You

By Bishop Love

When I think of you, sweet endless thoughts fill my mind with pure love for you and there is no more thinking vacuum I behold within my temples, it is surprising that I have never had such sweet thoughts about you before! For sure you're the true hallmark of my joy and happiness. I am totally lost in you, whom I love sincerely and adore dearly. 
When I think of you, I think no more of mundane things, I only think of you spontaneously and I am often filled with dreams of you and I rolled up in one sweet love nest. To keep our love fills all my deliberate schemes of being with you by my side, for I love you sweetly.

By Bishop Love

2 thoughts on “When I Think of You

  1. Reblogged this on Love and Romantic Poems and commented:

    Thoughts of sweet love feelings bombard my mind when I think of you, I am so overjoyed to fall for you, if I can have you now I’ll die; for I am lost in ceaseless spontaneous brooding thoughts about you, and the beauty you behold and sexy sweet smiles. As it is said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Indeed with my scrutinizing eyes I find you to be the perfect summary of the beauty of the beauteous. Come to my bosom darling, and let’s fall for each other forever.


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