My Love For You Is Like Pure Red Rose

My love for you is like pure red rose that is newly sprung in the middle of the seasonal rains, my love for you is sweet as honey that the bees have made in a honey comb. Honey; my love for you is like the romantic melody that is sweetly played in tune, and always searches for your sweet loyal heart relentlessly.
So fair are you my lovely milkmaid, so deep in love with you am I, and still, my dear one; I'll love you until the seas and oceans go dry, and the rocks melt with the sun's scorching heat and I will love you still my dear one, until the Messiah comes for the Holy Church and the conversion of the Jews. Me and you will be holy as part of this church; since I'll love you faithfully with the same equal measure of love with which you love me.
And fare you well, my only love, and fare you well a while! For I love you deeply, so deeper than the seas and oceans is my love for you. And I will come again, my love, though you may be ten thousand miles away from me - the darling of your equally symmetrical heart to mine. My passions are flared up and fully charged for our sweet love because I love you sweetly and passionately.

By Bishop Love

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