Together Forever

As far as the east is from the west, we shall forever be together, together forever in the sweetness of our passions rolled up in one romantic bed of flavoured and blended rose flower bed; where we shall test our sweet long preserved virginities enveloped in the blanket of our love and bliss - the hallmark of our inflamed romance that is fully charged with ceaseless passions for each other all night and day long.
Together forever shall we fit into each other, because you fit into me and I into you. For in me, you will always snug and feel sweet and contented, since I'll be faithful to you; for I am trustable. Forever together shall we cuddle and caress each other so affectionately in our sweetly charged love affairs. For I am your gentle one of true love - the true Minister of love to you, and the spiritually ordained Permanent Secretary of Romance to your sweet loyal heart. And still my sweet one; I am glad to be your permanent bedmate, and sweet pounder between your shimmering thighs.
Together forever shall we be one in body and mind, except when death does us apart; you're bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh. I had been searching for my ribs for many years, finding you was my luckiest day and a miraculous occurrence predetermined by God. For I now come to understand that finding you was a set up of God Almighty - the Creator of the entire universe, galaxies and constellations in space, for you're my one in a billion. Do the do, I love you big time!

By Bishop Love

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