You Are Everything In My Life

Like a bee searching for nectar or pollen everyday, so do I search for your sweet love, because you're everything in my life. Weep not my darling, for with these kisses I will take away your sadness, sorrow and gloom under the romantic blanket of our love nest; where we shall be glued up together into one ball of true love, conquered by the faithfulness of our hearts.
Like a bolt from the blue, I always see you in my day dreams, imagining you and I walking together, hand in glove since your heart is open to me like an open heaven. For I think of you all the time and the memories of your loyal heart, and magnificent smiles enlightens my heart, and motivates me to carry on with life - you're everything in my life.
Like a sweet candy apple, will I be sweet to you in all matters of our life - in love and bliss, in pain and suffering, in joy and peace. I'll stick to you and be by your side, no matter the swings, ups and downs of the springs of life. For I truly love you. As far as you may be, I send you my best flying kisses to satisfy your sick heart for true love endlessly.

By Bishop Love 

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