Never Like This

I have held others before, kissed and shook them gently but it only ended in tears and break ups, however the day I met you, it was like opposite poles attracting each other. My body inhales and quivers with perfect bliss at the sight of you. Whenever I see your beautiful smiles, I am overjoyed and I feel blessed to have you.
The sweet aroma exuded by the fragrance of your perfumes assails me relentlessly, and all my senses are reeling from the strength of desire instigated by the fragrance of your body deepened in pure milk from the best crosses of cattle. Your beauty generates hormones of love and bliss in my body; your love pursues me and makes me love thirsty. If I can't have you soon, I will die of loneliness, make haste and come quickly to my bosom.

By Bishop Love

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