Come To Me Immediately

I am burning with endless thoughts about you and now I am humming a sweet love song of desire about you, the desire for your sweet endless smiles. I long for you like a calf longing for pure undiluted milk from the mother cow, and I am eager to see you always and behold your sweet affectionate eyes. I long to throw my arms around you in a tight embrace.  To hear your heart beats of love close to my cushion-like chest fills all my schemes, and wills of immeasurable desire.
I crave for the warmth of your body around mine always, my body pants and aches with hunger for you - the hunger and thirst for your sweet love. Don't keep yourself lonely, I am available to suck off your loneliness with my heart loaded with unquenchable degree of love and bliss just for you. Take long, gigantic and quick strides to my portal, and enter into me immediately.

By Bishop Love

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