I Love and Adore You

Night and day I love and adore you, and I am drawn in endless thoughts about you; I seek a yes that shall restore me. When I see you, I love the appearance of the sun of your charms punctuated by pleasing well endowed curves of a beautiful lass, I love the lovely milkmaid and queen of my heart at a rate of one hundred percent.
As the naturalists observe that the flower named heliotrope turns incessantly towards that star of the day; so shall my heart henceforth turn towards the resplendent star of your adorable eyes and beauty that assails me relentlessly. I seek a yes but if you answer no I shall die. If you're not asleep, think at least of the wounds you give to my heart. Ah! Pretend at least for my consolation because I love and adore you.

By Bishop Love

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