I Love My Cinderella

As the leaves tossed and fluttered from the windward side of the horizon, I saw my Cinderella whom I love walking under the cluster of sweet cashew nuts and flavoured brown berries, I jumped and plucked the nuts for her to suck, I sung and pressed closer sweetly whilst hardening my glance at her, because her beauty attracted and magnetised me towards her, like opposite poles attracting each other. 
I told her I loved her and held her at close proximity to my cushion-like-chest where I felt her mammoth-like-conical breasts softly press me tenderly. I touched but long before I even tasted, my heart flew from me into her breasts. I gave her a sweet lovey-dovey hug; so tight and intimately enveloped in the aroma and fragrance of our sweet love. I sweetly kissed her lascivious lips and then assuredly promised to love her forever with my sweet love - fresh and reloaded.

By Bishop Love

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