Lover’s Sweetest Song

Call her, call her for me, that hubby. That hubby with a miss curvy figure that is voluptuous and sexually appetizing, that my woman with round bouncing hips and shimmering thighs, well endowed with pleasing curves. Call her for me, that lady with a cute and ever jovial face that is smooth and banana ripe; whose lips are ever dripping with sweet honey. Call her for me, that milkmaid with love laden and ensnaring sexy eyes, with an amiable and benevolent character. Call her that she and I will lie on one bed of our covenant marriage.
When you went away, isn't it three full moons, shall I fold my donkey-dangle and say I am cheap returned unsold from the market. If they marry a woman don't they sleep with her? And horse ride her. Isn't it three full moons since you went away? Make haste and come quickly to my bosom without delay, because I am burning with unquenchable desire for our sweet love and romance that is now withering in heights of great loneliness.

By Bishop Love

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