My Loyal Heart Belongs To You

My loyal heart belongs to you and misses you everyday, and will love you dearly forever though you're a few miles from me. My loyal heart sings for you a sweet love song of desire - the desire for your equally loyal heart, that is joined and blended with mine in unity of love and bliss. Come to my warm embrace quickly, let's get lost into each other.
Though you may be busy, sleeping, resting, meditating or awake; Honey, my loyal heart will remain loyal to yours in pain, suffering, in joy, love and bliss. My heart yearns always for your symmetrically loyal heart to mine. For you're my true charming princess and woman of my dreams. I always think of you all the time and wonder how you're doing! My heart thirsts for your sweet love all the time, and I long to always bond with you. 
My loyal heart accepts you the way you're and will support you presently, and in future no matter the circumstances. My love for you is as fresh as a virgin kiss, and you, my hubby - you behold a beauty so sparkling like the sun flower of a summer season. Everyday I'll love you with a full measure of love comparable to the measure of love with which you return my love; for our love is a two-way traffic.

By Bishop Love

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