My One In A Billion

You're my one in a billion, the princess darling of my heart, and my most special one; your sparkling smile is as bright as the midday sun of noons - always sparkle and shine my sweet love. You're tender and smooth, and I can tell that you're bright and intelligent. You care much and have many great charms - my sweet princess charming. My heart blossoms and sings with immeasurable joy when you're wrapped in my loving and supportive arms.  
I am overjoyed you accepted me from all the rest, and the pride of my heart is that I behold the best among many maidens; so cute, sweet and appetizing is you my dearest of heart. You glow like a costly pearl and a treasure worth protecting all the time. So lovely and beautiful is you my love, and still my love, I will love you until death does us apart; until the Messiah comes for the Holy Church - for you're my one in a billion.
I always yearn to come to you, be with you, connect with you, unite and merge with you like a true loving couple. And I always love to nurture and nourish you, meet your need for true love, and feed your hunger for a faithful true loving partner, because you're my one in a billion. You may have been heart broken before but now your miraculous moment of true love has arrived, and I thank God that I found you - for you and I are a perfect match from heaven. I'll always cherish and adore you, being by your side always is my utmost desire. Nothing matters more to me than having you with me. I love you sweetly and passionately.

By Bishop Love

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