Sick With Sweet Love

I slept but my heart was awake. In my sleep I lay deep in brooding thoughts about my love - my one in a billion whom I love deeply and sincerely. I always long to hear your hoarse voice. To talk to you always and to be by your side is the persistent longing of my heart. At times I fail to eat or do anything if you aren't there because I am sick with sweet love - that robs me of the desire for anything other than you!
Come my darling into my bosom and kiss me with the kisses of your mouth - for your kisses are a soothing remedy that moistens and refreshes my soul. When you cuddle and hug me, I find your love to be composed of a double catholicon that is a healing syrup for my heart that is sick with sweet love. Your love is a healing prescription made up of fresh cassia, lemon and pomegranate juice that sucks my loneliness away. Please come to me now that my love sickness brought by your absence may be cured.

By Bishop Love

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