Take Me Away With You

Pleasing is the fragrance of your perfume, your breath is a sweet aroma that draws me often closer to you. Your lips drip sweetness like the honey comb. Milk and honey are under your tongue, take me away with you. Let us hurry into the sweetness of our bosom where we shall snug into each other, cuddle and love one another with a love so deeper than the seas and higher than the mountains.
Take me away with you and let's exchange love pleasantries of our sweet affections. Let's dance the night away and retire in our cosy bed of red rose flowers. Let's hold ourselves so tightly and roll all our sweet passions into one ball of true love and bliss. I hear you screaming joyfully as we drown in the bosom of each other. You're so sweet like chocolate sandwich biscuits, and I love the shyness you behold as we snuggle into each other. So deep in love am I with you.

By Bishop Love

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