The Queen of My Heart

When I think of you my lovely queen lass, my heart yearns and pants for you as a dear panting for streams of fresh water. From dark aromatic bushes having a pair of butterflies and bright fantastic birds singing sweetly; do I send you my best sweet flying kisses over to you in a spur of a moment - for you're the queen of my heart. Come on my queen, let's go to the flower gardens of corn and sunflower, where the booming of a million bees at pasture feed as they extract nectar - there I'll love you my sweet-queen-dearest!
When I think of you, my lovely queen lass, the queen of my heart. My heart rejoices and boils like a pot of oil on fire with extreme joy because you return my love. When I hold you under my arms and stroke you lovingly, I enjoy the soft touch of your body and the smile exuded by your lovely face. Come on queen of my heart and kiss me with the kisses of your mouth that is full of sweet candy. Your kisses are better than wine and the scent of your perfume is a sweet aroma better than all spices 

By Bishop Love

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