You Fit Into Me

When I look at you, I find you to be the exact opposite of myself. For you fit into me like a symmetrical object; your two breasts are directly proportionate to my cushion-like-chest. Your body curves fit into me perfectly and are harmoniously proportionate to my body. My curvaceous sweet Honey, I find you to be my perfect fitting in size, shape and relative position of our corresponding opposite body parts. Your visions and dreams fit perfectly into mine like two opposite poles attracting each other.
When we lie horizontally in grass or in bed you fit into me, when we stand vertically; you still fit into me, and still my love when we walk hand in glove besides the steamy beach and under the coconut canopies - you still fit into me. When I kiss you, stroke and cuddle you, I find your luscious lips and tongue fitting into mine perfectly like a symmetrical object. When we play love's silly dance; you still fit into me. When we explore the missionary style, reverse cowgirl or dog style; you still fit into me. You and I are a perfect match from heaven. When we bath together you still fit into me.

By Bishop Love

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