About Last Night!

When I remember the sweetness about last night at our rendezvous where we held each other at zero distance, I smile exceedingly. When I remember how our moods changed instantly like the sudden arrival of dawn and the setting in of dusk, where we became sexually engrossed and intimate in the bosom of ourselves, I smile satisfactorily. When I remember the coyness you exhibited in the splender of your royal beauty as you allowed me to slowly access your most treasured private zones in our romantic blanket and bed of pure sweet rose flowers; I sit back and smile at the sweetness I beheld on that memorable night.

When I remember about last night how you allowed me to unbutton your blouse, and feel your gigantic breasts and voluptuous curves under my cushion-like chest in a sexy romantic display of love, I smile you a smile that is everlasting. When I remember how I kissed your yummy luscious lips and shimmering thighs – I thank God for blessing me with such beautiful and well endowed sweet assets. When I remember the screams of bliss and sweetness of love you displayed under our romantic blanket – I rejoice exceedingly like a conquerer who has won a conquest. When I remember the taste of your sweet tongue tasting like a lollipop and sweet candy over my tongue. I smile you a smile of having found my other half.

When I remember Love’s silly dances you displayed last night in the hips don’t lie dance, lingala and kwasa kwasa dance of our sexy romantic bouncing hips coupled with the flexibility of our waists, I thank God for giving me a perfect symmetrical dance mate – dancing away every night and coupling even to the depth of our bones and flesh. When I remember how our bodies rocked and bombarded each other in slow motions – I smile exceedingly. When I remember the rhythmic dance of your bouncing hips as it arrested my ‘donkey dangle’ or ‘cock’ rhythmically – I smile you a smile of a sweet, and suitable companion dance mate; pounding away in the depth of the night like a mortar and pestle pounding nuts in an evening homestead.

By Bishop Love

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