My Beautiful Angel

Beautiful ones are truly born like you my dearest of heart. When you dress in that blue pair of jean trousers with a blue long sleeved shirt that matches your Italian high heeled shoes, I behold you in a description of a beautiful milkmaid - my beautiful angel of heart and the true apple of my eyes. Whenever I see you, excitement fills my heart immeasurably. I am so thrilled, and overjoyed at the sight of your beautiful face full of magnificent smiles that are dimpled. You're so beautiful and lovely that staying by your side is my utmost scheme and pursuit all day long. When I am with you peace fills my heart at a rate of one percent.
Whenever you touch me my beautiful angel, soothing warmth radiates from your hands to my shoulders. Your breasts are like two twin towers that are mammoth and conical in shape, and so soft to rest between. I love your voluptuous shimmering thighs and curvy bouncing hips that increases my longing for you like a calf longing for pure milk from mother cow. My beautiful angel - let's always have blissful moments of romance, cuddling, kissing and caressing each other. Let's screw up ourselves in our romantic bed of red rose flowers with ceaseless concupiscence.

By Bishop Love

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