My Lovely Milkmaid

Amidst a quagmire of red rose flowers, cashew nuts, green candle-like buds, and needle-like reeds, we walked majestically together as one, with my lovely milkmaid whose lips are sweet and ever dripping with honey - we further walked to the furthest ends of the evening golden horizon, where we could see sweet dark aromatic thickets interwoven with jealous yellow, white, and purple flowers. Here I bent and kissed my lovely milkmaid where we tried our long preserved virginities in a tight embrace, rolled up into one ball of love and bliss, in the sweetness of our bodies we rocked and bombarded each other.
In the quietness of the cool breeze amidst a quagmire of romantic red rose flowers, and violets, only the sweet pounding of our bodies glued to each other could be heard as echoes across the horizon, and like the pounding of a mortar and pestle! Indeed my lovely milkmaid is the sexy female mortar and I am the sexy male pestle pounding away in the depths of her sweet shimmering thighs and flapping breasts! So sweet and yummy are you my lovely milkmaid.
My Lovely milkmaid is my ever lovely cup of tea and present joy creator who is as fit as a fiddle when it comes to bed marathon. She is fit and can stretch her romantic legs at 180 degrees. Her waist is twistable and flexible for bumpy sexy rides of suns of noons, and midnights. The voice of my lovely milkmaid is a sweet melodious lullaby that often sends me into slumber land when she sings for me . My Lovely milkmaid is sweet in the middle, and knows how to scream joyfully, and ululate when I am in the tunnel of her juicy thighs! 

By Bishop Love

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