My Bosom Lover

I'll always steal your heart my bosom lover with many vows of love and bliss under the romantic twilight, I will cuddle, caress, kiss and stroke you so affectionately that you will desire and love me even more. How beautiful the moonlight that sleeps upon our sweet bodies glued to each other on the verandah of our storeyed cottage - here we will lie horizontally embraced in each other's arms and our legs wrapped together, as we let the sounds of music creep into our ears like a soothing pill with soft stillness, and the night become the touches of sweet romantic harmony rolled up into one ball of love in cloud nine. 
Then shall our romantic bodies collide and bombard each other with rhythmic silly sexy dances of penetrative thrusts in and out repeatedly, pounding away in the depth of the night still our strength is gone. And still my bosom lover, I will kiss and lick your monstrous breasts, shaved groin, and shimmering thighs. I'll squeeze your gigantic round Curvy hips into my donkey-dangle. And still my bosom lover, I'll always love you each time my strength is renewed with a love that is selfless and devoid of infidelity and cheating.

By Bishop Love

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