My Sweet Lover

Oh! My sweet lover who moistens my heart with her abundantly sweet love that flows deep down even to the umpteenth depth of my soul - dispelling and shuddering all manner of loneliness, make haste my sweet one and draw closer to me. Allay thy ecstasy, in measure rain thy screams of sweet joy. Come on my sweet lover, I feel too much of thy sweet blessing and I wanna claim you always with a loving kiss.
Fair you my sweet lover with severed lips parted with sweet sugar breath, so sweet and luscious. In your hairs; the painter plays the spider and has woven a golden kit to trap my heart faster than biting flies in cobwebs. Your eyes are dazzlingly sexy and ensnaring, attracting me towards you like a military magnet deployed to arrest and disarm enemy weapons. Deep into your sweet bosom do I dive to shield myself from cold and emotional want.

By Bishop Love

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