You Are So Sweet and Soft

When I think of you my lovely dearest, I imagine and envisage your soft and sweet body rolled unto mine in our romantic bed everyday at sundowns as we rock each other with massive lollipop kind of sweet kisses all night long. When we embrace ourselves tightly I feel you even to the umpteenth depth of my flesh and bones because I love you sweetly and deeply. For you're my lovely queen and darling of my heart. It's romantically sweet to enjoy your endless screams of joy as we satisfy each other in our symmetrical bosoms.
When I think of you, I imagine the completeness with which God gave you to me, for with you I am complete and inside you there is honey and sweet sugar that satisfies my sexual desires relentlessly. Sometimes I sniff that honey and sugar like a he-goat or bull ready to bombard it's lover with endless romps of ins and outs. In the suns of noons I am day dreaming of you. In my daily routine I still dream and think of you ceaselessly because you're so sweet and soft.
When I think of you I imagine you and me only in our cradle of love holding each other in a perfect quagmire of true and sweet romance. When we lie on bed with our hands wrapped around each other I find you to be so sweet and soft. Even now when I am far away from you, I still feel your soft spongy body glued unto mine in a perfect bond of love. let us sparkle and shine in our sweet love affair where I will endlessly feel the sweetness and softness of your romantic body glued to mine.

By Bishop Love

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