My Lovely Honey

My lovely Honey I am always daydreaming of your love, your love for me that is ever so sweet and yummy, and always uplifting my withering soul. My desire for you is always unquenchable because you return my love. Sparkle and blossom in our love affair that is so romantic and ever so sweet. I … Continue reading My Lovely Honey

My Sweet Darling

My sweet darling is the hallmark of my sweet love come what may. Everyday I feel you inside me, your saggy breasts and sweet smiles lighten my day like a candle lit dinner; you're the summary of beauty and sweetness. You're so sweet in the middle,honey and sugar are in betwixt your magnificent thighs and … Continue reading My Sweet Darling

I Love You Deeper

So kind and loving is you my sweet darling, your eyes are sparklingly beautiful, I love the way you gaze at me with love laden eyes, and I can't help myself falling in love with you. Your sweet words make my bearing lose, I love you deeper and I have fallen into the nest of … Continue reading I Love You Deeper