I Love You Deeper

So kind and loving is you my sweet darling, your eyes are sparklingly beautiful, I love the way you gaze at me with love laden eyes, and I can't help myself falling in love with you. Your sweet words make my bearing lose, I love you deeper and I have fallen into the nest of your love hunting. I love the way we often hold each other so tightly and get lost in our world. You're so likeable and my pretty tender brown hubby. I love your long cut face and neck that is decorated with the code of Adams, you're so handsome my dear one.
I love you deeper for your gentleness and affectionate character you often display. I love the way you cuddle and caress me, kissing away my honey dripping lips romantically. Whenever you're absent, I shiver with great anticipation that you're at the rainbow's end. Sometimes I close my eyes and imagine how you look with your hair slightly mussed into shiny tendrils curling against your moist skin. All these imaginations drive me crazy - I am the hallmark of a sweet daydreamer, constantly wallowing in sweet dreams about you.
I love you deeper for your soft voice that drives me crazy and the strikingly melodious sound of your voice. For you're my desire and sole provider of true love and comfort to my love sick heart. Whenever I need you, you're always available. My lover's appearance is irresistible, his eyes are sexy, his skin is golden brown. His lips are as juicy as pineapple juice. You're my rock and life. If wishes were horses, all suitors would ride. I am grateful you conquered my heart and other suitors failed. I long for the moment we shall be forever together. You're my sweet island of sanity in a world that has gone bad.

By Bishop Love

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