My Lovely Honey

My lovely Honey I am always daydreaming of your love, your love for me that is ever so sweet and yummy, and always uplifting my withering soul. My desire for you is always unquenchable  because you return my love. Sparkle and blossom in our love affair that is so romantic and ever so sweet. I love the way you minister love to me especially when you hold me in the depth of your spongy gigantic breasts and in between your shimmering golden brown thighs. 

My lovely Honey I love the screams of joy and ululations you unceasingly exude each time I bombard your most treasured sweet private zone betwixt your thighs. You are so sweet in the middle and your luscious lips drip with sweet honey. So deep in love is you and I that nothing can put as asunder. Honey let as stick to each other endlessly in our sweetly charged love affairs that is blossoming in the tender care of my hands because I love you.

By Bishop Love

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