Thoughts of Our Love Fills My Find

When I think of you, unique imaginative thoughts of our love Fills my mind to the extent that there's nothing else to think about. My endless thoughts ponder always about your sweet smiles that lightens up my day. You're the flame in my cottage that lights up the darkness of my beautified cottage like fire set ablaze in the dry woodland. The aroma of your perfumed body is like the scent of daisy and rose flowers, you make my heart full of bloom. You're my true suitable companion dance mate and darling of my heart who fits perfectly into me like a symmetrical object.
When I think of you, I see you as the beautified star that sparkles, shines and beams so brightly in our world. You're the cutest and charming princess of my heart who ever brightens my day like the rays of the sun.  From dawn to dusk I am  day dreaming of you. You're the thunder of the night whose lighting is ever striking into the bottom and depth of my soul. Our love is the greatest pleasure to behold in a world that has gone bad. Everyday, come what may, thoughts of our love continue to fill my mind spontaneously - exciting my heart forever.

BY Bishop Love

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