My Love For You

My love for you is like the raging and roaring seas, so powerful and deeply widened it will forever be. My love for you is like the lapping of water falls that is so strong and reloaded with sweet affectionate signals, love gestures, touches, body language of romance and true love. My love for you is as strong as the swashing of the seas, come let's enjoy ourselves in our love castle,I can love you by the flower gardens of daisy and pure roses if like.
My love for you is like the shining of a billion stars amidst a quagmire of blossoming galaxies of the ebony skies. I can't deny a love so sweet and precious, a love so true, that comes from me to you - wholesome and undiluted. Within your arms I have nothing to fear. You always know just what to say. Just talking to you makes my day. You're my favorite desire and sole provider of sweet affectionate discourses of love and inspiration. I wake up everyday with your sweet lovely smile on my mind and my dreams are filled with the thoughts of you and I

By Bishop Love

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