Reasons Why I Love You

I am the hallmark of many reasons for loving you, I love you for the emotional care and sweet smiles you often bestow towards me, I love the way you hold and stroke me so affectionately. With you I am complete and always in cloud nine where every dark cloud has a romantic lining that speaks of the volumes and magnitude of love you have for me. You’re the true darling of my my life, I am lost in sweet endless imaginations about you!

Love and Romantic Poems

As far as the sun rises from the east to the west, so is my relentless love for you, your beauty deepened in pure milk blended my heart with pure love. I love you for so many reasons: your sweet voice, and smile, your colour complexion – that makes you beautiful like the rainbow in the horizon; horizon of a cloudy dusk. I love you for reciprocating my love.

I love you for your gentle and quiet spirit – the true inside beauty of a real beautiful lass – the belle queen of my heart, in my lovely eyes, I have found you to be the summary of the beauteous of beauty, I can tell that your lips are sweet and luscious. I love you for your pointed and mammoth breasts which are tantalizing – for they’re yummy and pillowy, for in you, I’ll always find joy and happiness. I…

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