It was a hazy sunrise on one Saturday of the September holiday. The birds were busy as usual chirping on the trees that surrounded our domicile. Sighting the specks of light into my room, I woke up feeling sick and lazy. I then made for the bathroom, soaked myself fresh, and without a moment’s delay, I was ready for the day’s work. As quick as a flash, I moved back to my room to preen up myself further, I went to the closet and picked my best bib and tucker. Looking through the mirror, I was clad in a blue pair of jean trousers with a pink flowery top that matched my Italian shoes. I then walked downstairs through the behind portal and as proud as a peacock towards Lizz’s place.

Fortunately, I found her waiting for me just a few metres away from my home. She was candidly dressed in her long illuminating slit showing her voluptuous shimmering thighs. Her sagging cheeks and somewhat mammoth breasts were yet a vista to have a foretaste at. I kissed and cuddled her so affectionately. From the sweetness of the luscious kisses, she will make the best of my children’s mother. Our conspicuous movements were accompanied by a plethora of praises from those who saw us. Our destination that day was club Oasis, where on arrival, we were welcomed by a whiff of a sumptuous meal and luscious fruits. We ate to our fill and retired in a romantic bed of red rose flowers for our consummation plan. I stroked my Sweet Lizz lovingly and beheld her gigantic mammoth breasts at zero distance to my cushion-like-chest, she kissed me where upon we made love in a spur of a moment.

Romantic love stories

By Bishop Love

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