My Dear Loving Husband

If ever two were one, me and you are one perfect lovely couple. If ever a wife was happy in a man, it's I the hallmark of joy and happiness. I praise thy love above everything on earth; for you and me are a perfect match from heaven. You're the apple of my eyes and between you and me and the bedpost - the fruit of love has grown ungatherably. My love for you is fresh and reloaded that our sexual intercourse cannot quench but make it stronger and better. And thy love is such that I can no way repay.
If ever two were one, me and you are the perfect opposite poles that are inseparable always magnetized to the bosoms of each other. I prize thy love more than whole mines of gold. For your love enlightens my soul like a ray of bright sunshine from dawn to dusk. I love the enormous love summits we often hold on our flowery bed of daisy and rose flowers where our symmetrical bosoms often bombard each other rhythmically like a mortar and pestle. I love the suns of noons and moons of our romance, love and bliss that has yielded bumper fruits of love ungatherably. My sweet husband while we live, let's enjoy every moment of our sweetie love affairs. 

By Bishop Love

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