When You Hold Me

When you hold me in a romantic quagmire and display of love - my emotions are energized and enlightened. When you hold me between your twin towered breasts, I often listen to your heartbeat in rhythm with my own, exploding the volumes and magnitude of our sweet love unimaginably. When you touch me with your hands so soft but strong, I feel the tenderness and warmth of your body. When you kiss me before you start your day - the happiness you bring my heart, no words can adequately describe, you make my life so fulfilled, beautiful, wonderful and freshly renewed everyday with that magic affectionate kiss. You're the true queen of my lovely heart that loves you so passionately. I love your sparkling beauty blended with shimmering thighs and golden brown arrayed body, your beauty is deepened in pure undiluted milk that leaves the youthful pores of your skin fresh and tender. For I sing for you with endless joy as your perfect better half. You're the hallmark of my true hopes and dreams in a world full of ups and downs like an island of insanity. 

By Bishop Love
When You Hold Me

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