Finally, the long awaited day had come. I was apprehensive to meet my alluring dinner date. It was an adorable ravishing Saturday morning when I received an expected message informing me that I was to meet my lovely darling to be that evening. I could not believe it! I lurched from A to B and felt butterflies inside me. I thought I was in the arms of Morpheus and it was a dream. I was curious to know more about him and this took my mind into infinite thoughts. To halt these imaginations, I rushed to the frog’s kingdom for a tepid bath. The bathing done, I adorned myself with the best cosmetics, arrayed my ample figure in the best and newest garment and preened myself in the mirror to ascertain the perfection. I rushed to Anna’s bedroom to bid her goodbye since she was not only my sister but also my confidant. When I opened the portal and stepped in, she gazed at me with surprise. I told her A to Z of my date. ” I wish you the best of your day and take charge. ” She said as she waved goodbye. Rose, our elder sibling had over heard our dialogue and in an instant she had joined us. She had always had a green eye on me and this time she began laughing sarcastically. She was ever agile to have a bone to pick with me prattling around that I was an Ananias and a quotidian. Actually, on many events she succeeded at throwing dust in our eyes.

Not wishing to spoil my day, I chose to be blithe. Nothing could quench her animosity towards good. I took a French leave out of my domicile. Hellene, my compeer was already waiting for me at the gate. When she saw me, she opened her eyes widely and her mouth loosened in amazement letting saliva ooze from her mouth. She heightened by saying that I was really smart in my best bib and tucker and was indeed marriageable. On looking at the chronometer, we discovered time was not on our side, so we enthusiastically stopped a cab, beseeched the driver to drive us to Golf Lane Hotel where I was going to meet my esoteric date. On reaching, I thanked him and footed the bill, then I proceeded to the hotel. I anxiously asked the receptionist where the table reserved in the name of Jude was. She briefly told me that it was the third table in the middle row. I soon discovered that it had no occupant which implied that I had arrived before Jude. But this assumption was false as I was later to discover. I chose to stroll around the hotel. As I was lost in my thoughts, I bumped into a person and we almost both landed on the floor if it had not been for his steadiness. I took a glance to discern and register my apology. At first sight, I thought I was blurred but on staring clearly, it was Jude: the apple of my eyes, love of my life and my one and only. We locked up ourselves into a tight embrace where we rested into each other’s bosom for long forgetting that we were on the hotel verandah, indeed love is blind because we were blind to all those Jealous eyes and frowning faces.

Arm in arm, we went for our sumptuous dinner. He welcomed me with a bouquet of flowers. ‘ To my Sunshine ‘ were the words inscribed on it. As delays are hazardous, we could not leave anything to chance. We went into gay moments. We drunk like fish and danced to the relics of every song that the disco jockey played. Ah! It was like paradise. It was completely dark when I got utterly very tired, and with Jude by my side, the grass became our mattress and darkness the blanket. We rested, it was at dawn when we woke up. I could not believe I had spent a night away from my parents abode and most surprisingly in the gardens of a hotel. What explanations could I give to my dear parents? I was between a rock and a hard place and as my now sweet darling drove me home, my prayers were that my parents could understand me and forgive me. After wasn’t all this God’s plan? Luckily enough when we arrived home with my sweet hubby I found out that as soon as we left the previous day when we had boarded a cab, my parents had an emergency call to go to the countryside to receive and host visitors at our paternal old granny’s home. I was relieved that my parents wouldn’t find out about my night out spent in a hotel.

By Bishop Love


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