I Love You Forever

I Love You
Everyday when I wake up you're always on my mind. You have rented all the space of love in my mind. I love your soothing ballards you always sing for me heartily, because of you all the cracks of sadness is broken from my soul. I love you for our sweet romance full of bliss and true love because you always return my love - thank you for reciprocating my love. For your love is sweeter than milk and honey. Come on my gentle one; let's go to the flower gardens of corn and sunflowers, let's embrace each other so tightly in our bosoms, let's cuddle, kiss and stroke each other so affectionately because I love you forever, for me and you are the perfect match from heaven and as I have discovered, it was indeed God's divine set up for me to meet you. So treasured is this love of ours that I lovely you so madly and crazily - I am head over heels in love with you. The rocks can melt with the sun but my love for you will never melt and diminish everyday come what may, my love for you will be stronger and freshly reloaded because I love you forever.

By Bishop Love

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