Leo Screwed Me Up

Leo and I finally reached the log cabin where the night was impenetrably dark after heavy rain. We had driven away from the miasma of the labyrinth of the hubbub filled street to the tranquility of the invigorating forest with zealousness, we stampeded into a rendezvous shelter where we had had a sumptuous meal a fortnight ago. After a mouth watering meal, we dived into a luxurious couch with Leo crooning and rumpling my hair. We were both devoted to pleasure and in a twinkling of an eye, we were having a blissful moment of romance. I imagined being under the cuddling and caressing arms of Leo who has a caring and loveable personality. Every moment I spent with him was always exciting because of his wit. I still remember how we met on a journey to London and how we fell in love at first sight. It was one of those best moments in my life to behold once in a blue moon. These sweet memories of how we fell in love can never be erased from my mind and right now every day that passes by is fresh and reloaded with our blissful bonding of true love.

Having danced the romantic night away and being somehow drunk, we walked wiggly or sinuously to a quiet bedroom where sweet sleep started stealing over me under the influence of alcohol. I lay onto the cosy bed where I caught a glimpse of Leo screwing me up with ceaseless concupiscence. I was caught off guard by the vibrant thrill from his licentious attitude. In a very short time, he twitched and jerked me severally towards himself penetrating my juicy pot full of fresh magma so deep where we felt the Sweetness of our bodies bombarding each other. Our relationship had always lacked enough physical desire but now with a Hobson’s choice, I was not to be kicked against the pricks, so, we enjoyed our game. The next morning was a balmy one as the sun rose in the a zure firmament. I made a leeway from my fathomless sleep and gave a flinty glare at the twirling trees where birds euphoniously twittered. Leo was preparing breakfast, I gussied myself up and walked through the ambience to the kitchen. We kissed, cuddled and huddled together like two piglets in a cold night .

By Bishop Love

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