From the west of mount Rwenzori clouds coming hurrying with the wind and storms of blatant impossibilities and turn sharply here and there like a plague of locusts. The dark nimbus clouds roar and vomit large volumes of rain droplets intermingled with bright fantastic lightning across the horizon. It whirls and tosses up things on … Continue reading AN AFRICAN THUNDERSTORM


Oh! My beloved belle queen, you're so lovely and of light skin, your hair is smooth and long; and your smell is sweet to my taste and gentle. I love the way you hold me at close proximity to your flapping golden-brown-breasts, I love the way you hug me so tightly and snuggle in my … Continue reading MY BELOVED


when we lay in the lovely moonlight, our love sparkles and shines with a tremendous cascade of the flames of love and bliss. the golden sun, glowing rainbow and bright silver clouds brightens our love. street-lamps, lighted candle dinners for endless days brightens our love. Honey all shining things brighten our love that is so fresh and reloaded with true love and bliss