I love all shining things like the lovely moon when we lay in the moonlight. I love the silver stars at night, and golden sun at noon that brightens our love. I love the sight of a glowing rainbow in a stormy sky, and bright silver clouds standing like gigantic mountains. Honey let's hold each other so tightly in our sweet bosoms as we watch the glow-worm's elf-light in the lane, and leaves shine with glistening drop of rain - for such shining things brightens our love. 
I love the street-lamp shining through the gloom and tall candles lighted in a shadowy room especially when we embrace ourselves and lay together in the balcony of our lovely cottage. Honey let's go and we gaze at the glinting wings of bees, and butterflies and our purring pussy's green and shining eyes - for such shining things brightens our love that is so fresh and reloaded with true love and bliss.
I love the shining buttons on your bib and tucker and the bright beads round your neck. For you're my companion bedmate and sweetest curvaceous miss curvy who is the darling of my symmetrical heart that is symmetrical to yours. Honey let's go and gaze at the coppery flames of red and gold, that cheer and comfort me when I'm cold. For the beauty of all shining things is yours and mine. And these shining things brightens our love.

By Bishop Love
Love and Romantic Poems


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