Oh! My beloved belle queen, you're so lovely and of light skin, your hair is smooth and long; and your smell is sweet to my taste and gentle. I love the way you hold me at close proximity to your flapping golden-brown-breasts, I love the way you hug me so tightly and snuggle in my cushion-like chest for long. My beloved never stinks of fish, she never breathes sweat like gatherers of dry wood. She has no bald patch on her head like those who carry heavy loads. Her teeth are white. Her eyes are like those of a new born fawn that delights in milk that flows for the first time from the antelope's udder. My beloved's heel nor her palm are neither rough; but sweet to touch like liver
My beloved is soft spoken and pretty humble beautiful queen whose simplicity and humility enlightens and brightens my day. My beloved queen is golden brown and her lips are luscious and so sweet to kiss. Her body is tender, her conical shaped breasts are proportionate to my cushion-like chest when we embrace each other other so tightly in our sweetly charged bosoms. My beloved's smile is as bright as the midday sun of noons and her body exudes sweet aroma of best choice perfumes of all times. She is caring, shy and motherly. These traits often magnetically draws me closer to her like two opposite poles attracting each other!

By Bishop Love

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