1. The first and foremost reason why God decided to make Eve was to be a suitable companionship for Adam because Adam was socially bored. Because he was the only human being on earth, lacked someone to talk to and he craved for company from a fellow human being. ( The biblical proof is in Genesis 2:18. After God had created the universe with its water, land and trees, then the Lord our God said, ” it is not good for man to live alone. I will make a suitable companion to help him. ” )

Who is a companion?

According to dictionary meaning, a companion has different meanings as explained below.

  • a). Is a person or an animal that travels with another or spends a lot of time with another ( inseparable partners ) .
  • b). Is a person who has similar tastes and interests to your own and whose company or presence you quite often enjoy.
  • c). Is a person who shares in your work, multiplies your pleasures and reduces your sadness.
  • d). Is a person who fills up what another can not attend to at a particular time.
  • e). Is a person to whom another can turn to for help or emotional support.

2. To give a man happiness through sexual pleasure. Because from start God knew it and he still knows it that sex refreshes, recreates, and relaxes a man’s mind and it bodily and emotionally energizes him; that is why he decided to make a woman for man. Man can only get rightful and satisfying sex service from a woman not from fellow men, from trees or from birds or animals.

3. To be a helper of a man. God realized that any creature that would impress, excite, mentally or emotionally turn-on Adam had to possess a human flesh or ‘ housing ‘ and a mind like his. That is why Adam spotted Eve to have a mind like his. Biblical proof: when God had finished forming a woman out of the man’s rib, He brought her to Adam to give her a name. Listen to what Adam excitedly said, ” At last, here is one of my own kind. Bone taken from my bone and flesh from my flesh. Woman is her name because she was taken out of a man. “

4. God made a woman for Adam so as to put in motion the process of human multiplication. If God had not made a woman, the process of reproducing young ones would not take off. Just as seeds cannot germinate without being sown in the soil; so in that regard, God made a woman to act as ‘soil’ in whom a man ( sperm-sower ) sows his sperm. And within a woman’s body after the ovum has been fertilized by the male sperm, it germinates into an embryo and thereafter, the baby is produced.


A man was too much excited at seeing a woman than he was when God brought to him the birds and animals to give them names. This is how it should be. Men and women should look at each other as a source of happiness not as a source of trouble or pain. As for me, in fact, I enjoy watching ladies on the streets. Everyday I see different shapes of women, their styles of clothes, the way they walk an so forth. I like to watch ladies’ magazines, I regularly visit the Facebook and Pinterest to learn something new and to watch women. I enjoy talking to intelligent ladies. I love reading books written by ladies. In the newspapers I love reading whatever is written about ladies and their feminine quality. Why? Because I feel that ladies are part of my flesh. Seeing anything feminine pleasures my eyes and mind. A NOTE OF CAUTION: why is it that some men do not express their comfortability, excitement and joy at watching and living with ladies like the joy Adam expressed the day God presented a woman to him? Reason is that man and woman all have fear for one another. In our homes and classroom learning, we haven’t been taught about the importance of boys and girls to each other and how harmoniously or happily we can live together as male and female. It is so sad that as youngsters grow; parents, preachers and teachers do not emphasize or sensitize to them the good things boys would discover in girls and vice versa. I believe in truth of this proverb which goes: we reap what we sow; which means that if you sow no goodness in your child, expect to reap tears. We haven’t been taught to see and extract the sweetness hidden in one another by God. For that reason, we grow with in-built fear for one another which instead develops into hostility and enmity.

” What must I do so to be intimately loved by girls/women. I used to ask myself. But after a decade’s self-imposed research with an intention of getting answers for the above question; at last, below is what boys or men need to do if they want to be loved by females ( girls or ladies):

1. Be constant readers of books about love, sex and relationships. Know more about how to take care of children. Learn to do house work especially cooking, washing your dirty socks and underwear. Teach yourself how to lead girls or ladies by example and friendliness. Don’t be an ‘ order giver ‘

2. Be heartily interested in all their conversations and jokes.

3. Before you get married, endeavor to possess the qualities we all look for in sexual partners.

4. If you want girls or ladies to fight for you; the simple technique is that learn what pleases them. How will you discover this? Only through reading books written by female authors. Keenly listen to their songs. Pick the message and be what they’re telling me to be. Always ask yourself, ” how can I tame women with only use of my mind or without being physically aggressive to them?

5. Do not impregnate girls before they’re ready, especially when they’re still in school. Know that school girls fear accidental pregnancies. So, avoid what they fear most by wearing condoms without excuses.

6. Avoid consumption of alcoholic substances. Get focused. Think big. Write down your long-range visions for your life. Keep expanding your reasoning. Endeavor to transform your character from aggressive to soft. Girls and women in general adore men, young and old, who are like them ( of calm quality).

7. Live for the truth and speak the truth all the time. Through reading a lot, I have discovered that a mistake happens accidentally and telling a lie is something planned. Biblically, in John 8:32, our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ told us that when you speak and follow the truth all the time, the truth will set you free. Do not tell lies because lies just make you a prisoner of your own self. One of my self-made rules is that I speak my mind and feelings. In other words, I never tell lies at all costs.

8. Be someone of your word. ( When you promise, fulfill ). Be independent in your decision making. But this quality does not come the easier way. Know what you want and say it out. Do not fear to be judged. Do not hurt or brutalize girls or ladies if they dump you. Just find out why they did so and fix your weaknesses and then hunt for others.

By Bishop Love


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