Being a virgin means and applies to anyone of any age who has never had any vaginal penetrative sexual intercourse. It is true that a boy or girl will remain a virgin as long as he/she has never played vaginal sexual intercourse with anyone of the opposite sex, no matter the age! Theoretically, virgins may be knowledgeable about sexual facts or have the ‘ book knowledge ‘ about sex; but they’re practically ignorant or sexually innocent. I believe that if you read more mind-widening books, you will agree with me that before committed marriages, being sexually innocent or artless or being a virgin used to be a treasured aspect in the past, but today it is fading away! And one time, the late President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe posted this message on Facebook which I personally find important to share with you: ” if God views sex before certificate marriage as bad, don’t you think he would give us our private parts on our wedding days? ” To a large extent, I agree with him. As a practical parent and self-trained Counsellor, I warn you that to enjoy committed sexual relationships, to a reasonable degree, you need to be both theoretically and practically knowledgeable about God-made sex facts. Since we have different values, losing one’s virginity or staying a virgin remains an individual’s decision. Please Note: Even when someone grows grey hair without ‘ sampling ‘ vaginal penetrative sexual intercourse, he/she will still suit the description of being a virgin.


Virginity is a state of having no practical experience of vaginal penetrative sexual intercourse. Or virginity is a state of being emotionally and physically ‘pure’; that is, being ‘clean’ from the ‘sin of sexual engagement’. In common talk, virginity applies to girls. It can also mean a state of having a girl’s underground-slit ‘untravelled’ or ‘unpenetrated’ .

What is an intact vagina? This is a vagina whose hymen has never been broken. Or, in common talk, an intact vagina is a vagina that has never been ‘travelled’ or ‘penetrated’ or ‘entered’ by any penis. In other words, intact vagina applies to being a virgin.


It is hard tissue that horizontally ( from sides ) divides a female’s vagina into two sections, the upper and lower. The upper smaller part of the vagina separated by the hymen is used to pass urine and the lower part of the vagina which is normally a bit larger is used for passing blood during menstruation. The hardness of the hymen softens as the girl grows older and it can break by itself, if it was not broken by riding a bicycle or having vaginal sexual intercourse. If a woman has never played sex, she will still be called a virgin no matter her age. For example, we assume that most of the Catholic nuns, brothers and priests, monks and other celibates remain virgins if they avoid sex all their lives as per their professional vows. However, for girls to start experiencing monthly periods does not mean that they have lost their virginity. Girls can only lose their virginity only by having sexual intercourse. PLEASE NOTE: Do not confuse the two terms, that is; virginity and hymen. Virginity is the absence of vaginal penetrative sexual intercourse, even when a girl’s hymen is broken or unbroken, no matter the age or even when the girl has experienced visible puberty body changes. Hymen is simply the hard tissue that horizontally divides a young girls vagina into two sections ( upper and lower ).


Female menopause is a fact of life in women’s lives. And it mainly refers to three instances in a woman’s life as explained. Menopause is a period in women’s life when: (1) they stop experiencing menstruation or monthly periods; (2) they stop experiencing mucus flow; and (3) they stop ovulating or stop producing ova. In other words, when a woman hits or reaches her menopause period; in such circumstances beyond reasonable doubt, she cannot conceive. This time round, is the period when a woman loses her sexual feelings. She becomes sexually uninterested or dormant. Female menopause may happen between 45 to 55 years or over. Age of experiencing menopause varies from woman to woman because women are different in nature.

By Bishop Love


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