What can one perform well without a coach, a teacher or a trainer and without constant reminder and practice? Practically nothing! Truly to perform well at anything, developing a skill or good behavior, one needs a coach, constant reminderance and practice. The first time I escorted my girl-lover for one of her antenatal visits, l learnt something. During the antenatal lessons, medical workers brief pregnant women about what to eat, what to drink, what to wear, among others. After that day, I attended more antenatal lessons, individually as a form of researching about certain real life issues. I have clearly observed that medical workers never teach pregnant women anything about the suiting sleeping positions which would protect the unborn baby from being harmed. Now, I can hear some adults asking, ” Do pregnant women need to be coached about sleeping positions? That is obvious. Even a baby can know that.” My friend, what is obvious to you is not obvious to another. No matter how tiny something may be; to perfect it by blood or by your conciousness, one needs a mention of it several times or constant reminderance. So to my common sense judgement, for pregnant women, because ‘someone’ is growing inside you, the best sleeping positions that will protect your unborn babies are: (I) sleep in sideways positions; (II) sleep while facing the roof or sleep on your back. Please do not sleep ‘face-downwards’. Those are the two recommended sleeping positions for pregnant women. Why? Because such sleeping positions give the growing baby inside your womb ampler freedom to move freely and to grow well. Too many times, I have been shocked to see some ladies sleeping “on their bellies.” This means that almost all your body weight will be exerted on your stomach. Your body weight will be absolutely too much for your unborn baby inside your womb to bear. Please think of about it this way: a pregnant woman sleeping on her belly will be like an elephant sleeping on any infant animal! What do you think will happen to the infant animal being slept on? Only by God’s grace will the infant animal survive but with severe injuries. But chances are 99% for it to die. Believe it or not, sleeping on your belly when pregnant may cause damages to your unborn baby. Remember that the unborn baby can’t talk so as to warn you about the too much weight it would be feeling. So then, think for it!

Turning to girls with growing breasts; girls, it is not a chargeable offence if no one has ever told you about the best sleeping positions, for your boobs to achieve full growth or expansion. it is my keen observation that too many parents are not at all critical at certain real life issues teenagers need to know early enough for their proper growth. Too many men can easily impregnate and women can easily conceive and produce young ones but very few can coach their children properly as regards real life issues necessary for someone’s proper growth. Breasts being among the body features that distinguish a man’s chest from a woman’s chest, their full growth must not be disrupted. It is advisable that if girls start to develop breasts, they should not sleep ‘face-downwards’ or ‘sleep on their bellies’. If they do so, it will mean that their entire chest, shoulder and back weight will press their breasts onto the mattress or floor for those who sleep on the ground. What will be the results? Your ‘melon-like’ or ‘pointed’ shape of your breasts will be affected badly. They will grow in an unimpressive shape or form. Another thing which is likely to badly affect the impressive shape of your breasts is: wearing very tight bras and very tight tops. PLEASE NOTE: to protect the impressive shape of form of your breasts, it is wise for you girls and women to sleep in ‘sideways’ position; avoid too tight bras; and avoid too tight tops. According to scientific discoveries, when you’re asleep, your body produces hormones responsible for the enlargement of all your body parts including muscles, breasts, your penis and so forth. So to give breasts an uninterrupted and free natural enlargement, girls should always sleep in the “sideways” positions. To most people’s common sense judgement, sleeping over your breasts limits the proper growth of your breasts.

By Bishop Love

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