My Dream Sweet Heart

At a distance I noticed that Leah was a slender, beautiful queen with round eyes and dimpled cheeks. As she walked into the hold, I caught sight of her revealing slit that left me feeling sexually attracted to her. I contemplated the sexy queen while scratching my brain and in a spur of the moment, I had reached the answer to this puzzle. I then strolled towards her. I formed a sexy smile that yielded fruitful results. She was fixed firmly in one of the chairs talking to one of the waitress absent mindedly. She seemed to be as brief as a lady’s miniskirt, short enough to arouse a man’s appetite but long enough to cover the subject matter. I , who had decided to perch like a bird in one of the corners of the hotel, wavering between hope and fear, summoned up dutch courage, and walked towards her. I was convinced to do this before others whom I suspected had similar intentions towards her. As if to make a heavy weather out of the matter, when I greeted her, she answered me with a shrug. Though quite disappointed and bearing in mind that a woman’s no at first means a yes in the future, I called for a champagne drink with the intention of engaging her. ” Excuse me Sir, ” she turned to me. I feel I am alright, possibly another time, ” she said in a voice I believed was demeaning.

As delays are always dangerous, I began, ‘ I am a third year university technology student in Harvard University, ‘ I blathered shyly. I told her about the various adventurous experiences I had undergone in life. At the moment, everyone in the hotel picked interest in our conversation. As though to scare me, Leah squinted at me, forcing me to think she was valuing the flashy clothes I was dressed in, may I know your name? I went on. I am Leah, she answered. This is my hometown but I live in Budapest where I work as a scientist in the pine forest. I also live a lonely life and my small cabin is just at the entrance of the forest she continued. I listened attentively and discovered that I had at last found the perfect companion bedmate that would sooth me. In the next room, music played softly. The clock chimed twelve noon, an aura of peace filled the room, save for the birds that chipped in the nearby canopies. The atmosphere was romantic for us to screw up our courage. We agreed to meet that night at eight o’clock in the evening at viper room. At exactly eight, I was seated by the counter buoyed up with new hopes. I was dressed up in a blue shirt, grey pair of trousers and a scarf around my neck and a bowler hat on my head waiting for my my sweet heart Leah as eager as a bridegroom. I wondered if she would fail our appointment.

Being a quitter, I was just about to give up when somebody with a jovial face fondled me. There she was, clad in a turquoise blouse and a tight faded pair of jeans exposing her belly and curvaceous hourglass figure. I could hardly control my excitement. With my eyes closed, I unceasingly kissed her lips and fondled her boobs, an act that put me in a state of a sexual quagmire. ‘ Leah, you’re the only dove, ‘ I said as I felt warmth in every corner of my body. Only then did I realize that Leah meant the world to me. ‘ I yield my life to no one but you, ‘ muttered Leah in a whisper. We then left the hotel where we had first met. We strolled quietly to a new rendezvous where we consummated our love to the utmost fulfillment.

By Bishop Love

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