I sat in the sitting room filled with disillusionment about Chamberlin, the apple of my eye, for whom I had endless admirations. He had a boxer’s body and was a beautiful gentleman, who had stolen my pride and later threw it to the wolves. At first sight, he seemed to show little emotions and lived in a lap of luxury but was an aggressive spendthrift as I later on noticed after donkey’s years of cupboard love. His malice and insatiable appetite for money exhausted me and made him unlikeable. After two months of tyranny, I decided to be rough with love by giving him a wide berth. He had always called me a dank and dowdy freak consequently; I felt excruciating pain as my mind went into turmoil. It was the sound from the pregnant clouds that sent me craving for my bed. The night whose darkness was solid and thick sent pangs of fear down my spine as the candle flickered and waned.

While building castles in the air about the beauteous scene at the party to which I was invited the next day, I visualized handsome men and beautiful women making merry at the party till sleep conjured my eye. After the long sweet night, it was the symmetrically radiant divergent rays of the sun and melodious chirruping of birds that woke me up out of my cosy bed. I immersed my body in a bucketful of water, displacing some water that was equal to the up thrust of my body. After this fresh bath, I gobbled my sumptuous breakfast and then dressed myself in a sexy dress. Carrying my wobbly legs through the alley, I made for the crowded street of rowdy people. I sighed as I left my street where a miasma of stale meat and alcohol hovered in the atmosphere. Then the sound of music that emanated from the building at a stone’s throw sent my heart throbbing hard against the cordial muscles as I thought of my grand entrance that would turn heads. At the entrance I stood against a pole keeping a wary eye on the most handsome man who stood a distance away. Judging from his appearance, he seemed to be a benign gentleman. I was quite over a wed by the tenderness and golden complexion of his skin. He did his hair close-cropped – a gentleman to say with chubby cheeks and was the owner of a gorgeous smile.

I longed to be with him and yet when he approached me, fear overwhelmed me, I was infatuated and acted impulsively when he handed a coke to me, inviting me over to a comfortable table. His name is Vandame – my heart boiled like a pot of oil on fire with sweet excitement when he gave me a sexy romantic look that sent my sexy body charged to the fullest like a female animal on heat. His physical beauty was sparkling, and I was overjoyed when he clothed me with a warm hug, where he gently kissed my lips. Occasionally I felt I was in cloud nine as my mind went into speculations of our further togetherness bringing a bed of roses. It was a sight of excitement from his hands that brought me out of sugar candy mountain to reality. A hullabaloo set in and on turning around, my eyes rested on the many couples dancing hand in glove and in a twist. We danced ourselves lame until a sweet languor started to steal over me . Two months later, Vandame popped the question and in a spur of the moment, the holy church solemnized our wedding at St. Augustine’s Church. We had our honeymoon in the beautiful woods of the Caribbean. It was a gassy and luscious flower garden and a glimpse at the magnificent blossoming lilies and roses was awesome and marvellous – crediting God for the beauteous creation. It was a dream come true!

By Bishop Love

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