Darkness approached like a fire extinguisher as the blood red setting sun rolled beneath the hills at sundowns around the vicinity of Serena Hotel. The gentle evening breeze hissed gently sending forth an aura of serenity. My heart leapt with joy as thoughts of the club party recollected in my mind. I was ready to the last tether to dance my legs off that night. The party was slated to start at exactly eight o’clock and it was just twenty minutes to the time. Clad in my milk-white shirt and denim blue jeans, I flung the door open and rushed downstairs. I made my way to Serena Hotel, where the party was scheduled to take place so that I meet with other party animals. Serena is an edifice in the heart of Kampala. It looked so magnificent from outside. The interior decoration was simply awesome. The wall were embellished with magnificent pieces of art from all walks of life. The comfy leather seats and the dim lights added more love and glamour to it. I pranced to my seat straight away and tried to catch up with the latest updates about the party. Before I could say Jack Robinson, a strong whiff of perfume wafted to my nose, piercing through it like the hooks of black-jack. Upon taking a glance, it was a gorgeous young lady making her way for the seat beside me.

My heart skipped a bit and simultaneously, the hair on my skin stood on end. This lady had a cinereous body, curly hair and her skin was toned with chocolate brown complexion. She had a black Texas flowery dress curtailed with sparkling beads and stiletto shoes. She refined beauty in everyway. She greeted me with a flirting winsome smile that left me completely dazzled. The temptation to talk to her again and again was irresistible. We chatted and shared ideas, cracked jokes and learnt more about each other. We conversed until the most awaited part of the party was announced. Immediately the dance flow was full and every Jack and Jill was busy, without ado, I asked her to the dance floor, which she accepted at the drop of the hat. ” Give your best love in this club….yeh…..” Blared from the speakers and as I looked at her dance, I was stunned. Oh my God! She wriggled the waist as if there no bones. Her seductive moves simply turned me on and I started getting physically and emotionally closer. ” The nearer the bone, the sweeter the meat”, the adage says. I felt electronic shocks move through my body as her lips glided smoothly around my groin. We danced intimately and as my hands moved through her soft and spongy-like body; I realized that this was what I had been longing for. For sure God must have spent a little more time creating her.

By Bishop Love

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