Self-image can be referred to the way you see yourself in your own mind-eye as a person; mainly, either attractive or ugly. In most cases, how you see yourself ( confident of yourself or unsure of yourself ) determines how you feel about yourself and how much you get out of life. Your life is a one-time offer from God; you can only use it well if you love yourself. I have observed that self-confident people reap a lot from this world than internally-timid people. Self image is again your own mental conception of how you look compared to others. Additionally, self-image is the mental and emotional picture you form and hold or keep in your consciousness of who you’re, what you’re and how others see you or judge you. Please note: how you see yourself is much more important than how others see you.

Additionally, self-image also refers to the mental representation you create of what you think you look like before other people’s eyes or how other people assess you: attractive or unattractive; ugly or cute. Feeling whether you’re attractive or unattractive, is an inner change that begins from five years and through one’s puberty. Remember that it is at puberty that youngsters start to be judgemental of themselves and anything around them. But before we enter to puberty, we are unable to judge ourselves whether we are cute or not. As we grow, our self-image changes as well. All human beings if not strongly encouraged to love themselves the way they’re will have issues with their external looks. Please don’t forget that self-image is simply the thoughts you have about yourself and then your ‘attitude’ is the set of thoughts you have about other people or things.

By Bishop Love

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