I love when you process by process pull me between your breasts and hold me so lovingly, I love your charming looks and talkative nature. And still my darling; I love the sight of your beautiful peeping twin towered breasts. I love the way you still glances at me, I love your fine and polished accent.
I am deeply in love with your sweet bedroom screams of blatant impossibility. I love your brown colour complexion. I love your seemingly thick 'underground slit' between your shimmering thighs when you wear tight pants.
I love when you pull me between your legs and golden shimmering thighs process by process. I love your nice and sweet fragrances, spiced up with a dazzling set of jewelry. I love when you irresistibly allow me to fumble unlocking your treasured private zones process by process. I love the hot sweet and luscious kisses we bombard each other with process by process in our bed of pure red rose flowers. I always love to ponder upon my fascinating bed-minton experience with you undertaken process by process - for you are so sweet to the bone and very sweet in the middle like undiluted honey.
Oh! My most special one and dearest of heart - I love the fact that you return my love and most especially the way you arrest my 'donkey dangle' in your cooling juicy chamber full of fresh 'magma' reserved for me.
I love when you pull me closer process by process to the proximity of your heart beats that is symmetrical to mine. I love to hear the rhythms of your heart beats closer to mine in a full  octave of sweet tones of musical notes process by process.
I love the way you wrap your soft palms over me and hug me so tightly. I love the numerous styles we often switch in our bosoms - styles like cowgirl, doggystyle and missionary. I love the flow of fresh magma flowing from your juicy pot that makes our bumpy rides of repeated thrusts of ins and outs in our bosoms smooth and easy to ride process by process!

By Bishop Love

All rights reserved!

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