My Sweet Willie’s Birthday

The bright rays of the morning sun That penetrated through the pink-floral window curtains and the singing of the birds forced me to pull out of my cosy bed, darting to the bathroom, I turned on the bath knob and entered the bath tab to soak myself clean. There after I flamboyantly put my best foot forward to the closet and picked a resplendent prime-rose dress. Before I could even dress up, I heard a clarion call from one of the streets of the town but didn’t know whatever it meant. Hardly hard I slithered out of the bedroom when it dawned on me that I was just in knickers, and so, I got back to the room and dressed up, outside, the romantic breeze from the beach continued swishing through the canopies that surrounded our house. After looking through the mirror for a couple of hours, and agreeably assured myself that I had dressed to kill and made my blonde hair to perfection, I got my bag, put it under my armpit and majestically walked out of the house. Scarcely had I made for the road when somebody shouted out my name . ” Angel have you forgotten all about Willie’s birthday? ” Willie was my only one time desire. He was well built, tall with a boxer-like broad chest, he had brown skin and lascivious eyes. His complexion always refrigerated many girls to their bones, and really swept them off their feet. Gosh! I exclaimed on hearing about Willie’s birthday. How could this have skipped my memory, I wondered as I turned to see that person who had reminded me of the party.

” Oh, is that you Marilyn, thank you very much, ” I said wondering what she was doing in that topsy-turvy situation. She was huffing and puffing and murmured that she has moved to every nook and cranny looking for me but to no avail. Having exchanged greetings and thanking her for reminding me about the apple of my eye’s birthday party. I strolled through the crowd and made for my room again, thinking that the fragrance I had worn would be repulsive and that Willie would jilt me without a moment’s delay. I needed something that would leave him in anticipation. Once in the room I perfumed myself with the best aroma and in a twinkle of an eye I was down. Still imagining what my sweet lover would say on seeing me, I heard the screeching of the brakes, followed by hooting. Was it Mom! I instantaneously thought to myself. I then peeped through the window, and out of the car I saw the young lad clad in a gorgeous cream suit which marched with my primrose floral dress. Flirtatiously though he seemed, he looked enthusiastic. Filled with great joy and emotional desire, I ran and lolled in his chest that was as warm as a nest. We pecked and kissed each other exhaustively. It was then that we drove off to the beach where the party had been organized. We drank, at to our fill and danced ourselves lame. Oh what a splendid party it was!

By Bishop Love

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