Love and Romantic Poems

Today I am hosting friends and acquaintances to my son’s wedding. As my son gets fulfilled today, I have a few words of wisdom I was rehearsing to start him off. So I’ll share them with you. I ran out of patience longtime ago with political wedding speeches which are politically correct. People usually want to sound civil and end up portraying marriage as a heaven, where bliss will be waiting to bring all the goodies you have been missing all your life. I can never understand why we always raise people’s expectations when we know the reality will soon crash like a thunderbolt. Here are three words of wisdom to you my son:

First, marriage is not heaven. It’s not even a nice garden or comfortable house. It is nothing but a shell house. Marriage doesn’t bring any of the good things attributed to it, instead, it is you…

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Love and Romantic Poems

I love all shining things like the lovely moon when we lay in the moonlight. I love the silver stars at night, and golden sun at noon that brightens our love. I love the sight of a glowing rainbow in a stormy sky, and bright silver clouds standing like gigantic mountains. Honey let's hold each other so tightly in our sweet bosoms as we watch the glow-worm's elf-light in the lane, and leaves shine with glistening drop of rain - for such shining things brightens our love. 

I love the street-lamp shining through the gloom and tall candles lighted in a shadowy room especially when we embrace ourselves and lay together in the balcony of our lovely cottage. Honey let's go and we gaze at the glinting wings of bees, and butterflies and our purring pussy's green and shining eyes - for such shining things brightens our love that is…

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Love and Romantic Poems

Being a virgin means and applies to anyone of any age who has never had any vaginal penetrative sexual intercourse. It is true that a boy or girl will remain a virgin as long as he/she has never played vaginal sexual intercourse with anyone of the opposite sex, no matter the age! Theoretically, virgins may be knowledgeable about sexual facts or have the ‘ book knowledge ‘ about sex; but they’re practically ignorant or sexually innocent. I believe that if you read more mind-widening books, you will agree with me that before committed marriages, being sexually innocent or artless or being a virgin used to be a treasured aspect in the past, but today it is fading away! And one time, the late President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe posted this message on Facebook which I personally find important to share with you: ” if God views sex before certificate marriage…

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Love and Romantic Poems

1. The first and foremost reason why God decided to make Eve was to be a suitable companionship for Adam because Adam was socially bored. Because he was the only human being on earth, lacked someone to talk to and he craved for company from a fellow human being. ( The biblical proof is in Genesis 2:18. After God had created the universe with its water, land and trees, then the Lord our God said, ” it is not good for man to live alone. I will make a suitable companion to help him. ” )

Who is a companion?

According to dictionary meaning, a companion has different meanings as explained below.

  • a). Is a person or an animal that travels with another or spends a lot of time with another ( inseparable partners ) .
  • b). Is a person who has similar tastes and interests to your own and…

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I love the way she walks with her round curvy hips wriggling left-right and center bouncing rhythmically all the way through. I love her mammoth breasts that match her wide hips held by a tiny waist. When my lovely queen lass walks, potential suitors and hyenas can never stop glancing at her especially when she … Continue reading I LOVE THE WAY SHE WALKS