1. Physical appearance or beauty. As the saying goes, ” beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. ” What people term beautiful varies from one person’s eye to another one. You must form a mental picture of your ideal man or woman in terms of physical appearance. However to begin with males, the qualities below will contribute to a male’s attractiveness: (I) well trimmed looked after head hair. (II) Being kind, caring, sensitive, protective and heaving a cool head and loving eyes. Please do not forget to wear some body-perfume or deodorant so as to smell fresh, attractive and romantic. (III) Moist lips. I have keenly observed that having dry lips is a big problem to most men or boys. To moisten your lips, use lip moisturizer or any type of Vaseline and save yourself from peeling lips. You can get lip-moisturizer products from all beauty shops and supermarkets. Males, don’t feel shy, politely ask the attendants for lip balm or moisturizer. (IV) Please improve your oral hygiene standards. Keep your teeth from tartar. Don’t forget to scrub your tongue with your tooth brush and use mouthwash herbal liquids to have a good mouth breath. Please allow me to remind you that a smelly mouth breath paralyses anyone. (V) Always have a nice looking handkerchief, for mopping your sweat and for picking your nose. Please avoid this: do not pick your nose with your bare first finger because it looks so disgusting. (VI) Visit the gym or do some sports or manual labour in order to shape up your body structure. Top on the attraction list for women is a man with an athletic body. To all women, a strong, muscular body is a sign of good health and it is signal of a man’s potential to sexually satisfy her, to successfully ‘hunt-for-food’ and to fight off enemies. (VII) Did you know that modern women adore men with flat bellies? Men with pot bellies look like they’re pregnant. And when it comes to love-making-game, modern women hate ‘pot-bellied’ men. Men check your diets and stream your bellies. (VIII) A man’s short finger nails and feet nails will tell women that personal hygiene means a lot to him.

Body features which contribute to a woman’s attractiveness include: (I) Well looked after head hair. Trimmed or long hair. (II) smelling romantic and fresh, wear some perfume or deodorant. (III) Moist or oily lips. (IV) Well looked after teeth and tongue for a good mouth breath. (V) Flat belly. Girls or women with flat bellies will send a signal to men that they’re not pregnant yet. Ladies with pot bellies make men think that they’re pregnant already; so, no point to ask them for love. (VI) Shaky bum. Any type of butt can be attractive to different men. Do not rush for artificial enlargement. Women’s butts store a lot of fat for growing shaky and big. It is a few men who do not salivate at seeing a woman’s enticing bum. Do not rush for plastic bum-enlargement if you don’t have a massively shaky bum. Believe in what you have. The fact is: God has given all women shaky bum. (VII) Full breasts. This does not mean rush for breast-enlargement if you don’t have huge boobs. Feel confident with what God has given you. Though, breasts are men’s favourite turn-on features on a woman’s body.

Love and Romantic Poems

2. Someone’s dress code: What you wear sends a message to others about you. Or, your selection of clothes tell others who you are. Your neatness talks more about you a lot more than your words do. On the other hand, shabbiness is the source of despise and rejection. Will someone in dirty clothes attract the same numbers of admirers like a person in neat clothes? I don’t think so. Many of us forget to buy good-looking leather shoes because they don’t know that we all admire men or women who put on good shoes. A well dressed man sends signals to women that he can look after them as well. Have the suiting clothes for the right occasion. Avoid out-of-fashion trousers and sagging (loosely-tied) trousers.

3. Avoid over-decorated-value: You are judged by the way you look. Boost up your surface value by avoiding funny, embarrassing or ugly hairstyles, ladies avoid more than one earring on your ears. Males, it is a fashion-in-ignorance for you to wear ear rings, necklaces or bungles. Women love your skin colour and avoid bleaching yourself. In brief avoid shoddy or rather awkward appearance if you want to be accepted by mentally-smart lovers as a reliable opposite mate and as a respectable member of the society.

4. Discover yourself first, then you will be able to ‘hook’ someone who suits you. This gives you a duty to know how you judge yourself against others. Do not sell yourself too cheap and don’t be ‘a hard to get’ person when an opposite mate of your dream shows up. Don’t proudly and loudly broadcast your beauty ( how cute or handsome you’re ) to others. It’s supreme wisdom to be humble in all your dealings. I used to wonder why seemingly attractive men or women end up with less attractive partners. Answer to the puzzle is that they haven’t been enlightened about what criteria to follow when selecting lovers and some compromise their values. So they settle just with anybody available

5. Be of one religion or faith. Different religions have different teachings about different real life issues. If only for casual relationship should I advise you to love anyone of any religion, but who knows where your casual relationship may end? If other factors affecting love, sex and relationship are worked upon, people of the same faith or religion are most likely to stay together in harmony. If you want harmony in committed relationships, remember that sameness in faith creates oneness. And that oneness leads you to back bite other religions without offending another. It is human for humans to talk about fellow humans. If it’s going to be long term relationship, parents normally ask, “What is the religion of the son or daughter-in-law?” Unless the parents and guardians of a boy or girl are dead or uneducated or well learned with plenty of inner awareness; that’s when you will meet less resistance over the faith issue. The better way to avoid straining moments is to consider the issue of religion first. Find someone of your religion because God has put beauties in every color, tribe and religion.

Unfortunately, we have not been shown how to trace the suiting people according to societal judgement. In Uganda as my case study, we have; (I) Sunday worshippers including: Catholics, Protestants, Born-Agains, Jehovah’s Witness and other Pentecostal believers; (II) Saturday worshippers: The Seventh Day Adventists; (III) Friday worshippers: only the Muslims; (IV) and other faith denominations. But for the youngster’s clarification, the Catholics and Protestants are closely similar in their way of worshipping God because the latter broke away from the former. Parents may not find it shocking if there was love, sex and committed marriage between people of these religions. Born-Agains are united in worshipping our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, but divided over who heads their churches. Most strict Born-Again parents would like their son or daughter to get someone from the same Born Again faith, not from a different one. If you want peace in your committed engagements, love only people of your religion.

By Bishop Love

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