If Only She Knew

If only she knew I was her secret lover and admirer, she would hug and kiss me endlessly to disclose the secrecy. She has a special and peculiar way of turning around my terrible day. When I look at her ensnaring sexy eyes, I see pure lovely beauty with no disguise. When I look at … Continue reading If Only She Knew

My Sweet Bootylicious Queen

By Bishop Love Your lips are pleasant tasting and your hourglass figure is bootylicious, you're my sexy blonde curvaceous darling of my heart. I love your blue eyes - you're the bootylicious queen who is babelicious and we'll endowed with a voluptuous round bouncing hips. I love your large bosom and pleasing curves. Your beauty … Continue reading My Sweet Bootylicious Queen

Sick With Sweet Love

I slept but my heart was awake. In my sleep I lay deep in brooding thoughts about my love - my one in a billion whom I love deeply and sincerely. I always long to hear your hoarse voice. To talk to you always and to be by your side is the persistent longing of … Continue reading Sick With Sweet Love

My Beautiful One

Oh! My most beautiful one among maidens, your cheeks are lovely with ornaments like earrings and your neck with strings of jewels. You deserve ornaments of gold, dotted with silver. My beautiful one is to me a sachet of air freshener that sends forth a cool breeze of sweet perfumed aroma. You're a rose of … Continue reading My Beautiful One

I Love and Adore You

Night and day I love and adore you, and I am drawn in endless thoughts about you; I seek a yes that shall restore me. When I see you, I love the appearance of the sun of your charms punctuated by pleasing well endowed curves of a beautiful lass, I love the lovely milkmaid and … Continue reading I Love and Adore You

My One In A Billion

You're my one in a billion, the princess darling of my heart, and my most special one; your sparkling smile is as bright as the midday sun of noons - always sparkle and shine my sweet love. You're tender and smooth, and I can tell that you're bright and intelligent. You care much and have … Continue reading My One In A Billion

My Loyal Heart Belongs To You

My loyal heart belongs to you and misses you everyday, and will love you dearly forever though you're a few miles from me. My loyal heart sings for you a sweet love song of desire - the desire for your equally loyal heart, that is joined and blended with mine in unity of love and … Continue reading My Loyal Heart Belongs To You

Parting Is Sweet Sorrow

Whenever I see you, I want to cling unto you, I want to hold you close to myself, your love is a sweet pain killer that soothes my sick heart for true love. Like a healing remedy is your love that it neutralizes the pain and sickness that has burdened my body. To keep you … Continue reading Parting Is Sweet Sorrow

Never Like This

I have held others before, kissed and shook them gently but it only ended in tears and break ups, however the day I met you, it was like opposite poles attracting each other. My body inhales and quivers with perfect bliss at the sight of you. Whenever I see your beautiful smiles, I am overjoyed … Continue reading Never Like This

My Luckiest Day

As far as the east is from the west, we will all explore this journey of life that begun with baby steps from the cradle, we search and hunt for our pleasures like a local African hen searching for a lost needle. Some adventures of love are fruitful, yet some disappoint, but few work out. … Continue reading My Luckiest Day

Reasons For My Passionate Love For You

Reasons for my passionate love for are many: I love you for your twin towered breasts and angelic face, your skin is decorated with the code of Adams, your skin is brown as a berry,for you're my only pretty tender brown hubby. Your lips are juicy and sweet as fresh pineapple juice. If wishes were … Continue reading Reasons For My Passionate Love For You

She Loves Me

As the fronds tossed and fluttered from the windward side of the sea beach, I saw my sweet lover walking under the cluster of sweet cashew nuts and flavoured brown berries. She jumped and plucked the nuts for me to suck and berries to eat, she sung and pressed closer while cat walking rhythmically. She … Continue reading She Loves Me

My Love For You Is Like Pure Red Rose

There's nothing sweeter than love and more so true love that is blossoming and booming, after a day's toil all humans retire to their home love nest for refreshing in the bosoms of each other; so, in this poem the speaker compares his love for his sweet darling to be as or like pure red 🌹 flower which is a symbol of true love affections.

Just Let Me

Let me love you with a love so pure and holy, and as fresh as the morning of a summer holiday, let me love you with a love so soft as the bud of a pure red virgin rose. Let me lick your sweet tongue and suckle your yummy breasts with a love so holy … Continue reading Just Let Me

Let Me Taste Your Love

Let me taste your love, sweet as pure grape wine and tender as my lips on yours, let me taste your love with the salivary glands in my tongue that will lick your sweet tongue as though it were ice cream. Like a lollipop and sweet candy let me taste your love. Like a sweet … Continue reading Let Me Taste Your Love

I am Drunk of You

Help! Help! Help! I am drunk, and intoxicated by the sweet love and beauty of my hubby, for your love is better than wine and sweeter than honey. Your melodious voice is a soothing pill to my soul. I always want to stay by your side; and to hold you in my arms is ever … Continue reading I am Drunk of You

My Love Song For You

Let me sing for you a love song about what I feel in my heart, my heart blossoms in peace and joy at the mere thought and remembrance of you. My love for you is as fresh as an excellent tuber in the ground, that spreads and grows ungatherably. You're a flower in bloom, blossoming … Continue reading My Love Song For You

Reasons Why I Love You

As far as the sun rises from the east to west, so is my relentless love for you, your beauty deepened in pure milk blended my heart with pure love. I love you for so many reasons: your sweet voice, and smile, your colour complexion - that makes you beautiful like the rainbow in the … Continue reading Reasons Why I Love You

My Sweet Dreams About You

Under the whispering coconut towers before the growling, and foaming waves of the cold misty night, I saw my beloved princess in my sweet dreams swinging her curvaceous hourglass figure. She majestically strolled towards me whilst swinging her voluptuous curvy hips rhythmically in a manner that drove my heart bits to her sweet surrender. Like … Continue reading My Sweet Dreams About You

My Day Dreams About You

As far as the east is from the west, when I wake up, am always day dreaming of you, I see you and me hand in glove; walking under the intimate cashew nuts along the grassy needle-like reeds of the steamy beach. In my day dreams whilst performing my daily routine, I see your sweet … Continue reading My Day Dreams About You

When I Think of You

By Bishop Love When I think of you, sweet endless thoughts fill my mind with pure love for you and there is no more thinking vacuum I behold within my temples, it is surprising that I have never had such sweet thoughts about you before! For sure you're the true hallmark of my joy and … Continue reading When I Think of You